Monday, April 8, 2024

Secret Saga of THE GREEN HORNET "BloodLines" Conclusion

The newest Green Hornet and Kato...

Cover by Dave Dorman
...Hit the DeVane Crime Family Where It Hurts!
With this chapter from NOW's Green Hornet #7 (1990), we're ending this particular re-presentation, though the reprint album listed below runs through issue #12.
As of #8, a new storyline begins as Green Hornet IV and Kato III re-establish the presumed villain's presence in the city and begin adding new support staff as well as Batman-esque vehicles and equipment.
The adventures of NOW's Green Hornet continued through 1994, including several spin-off mini-series involving the Golden Age and Silver Age incarnations as well as a near-future version of the characters, plus a Kato mini-series starring the Silver Age (Bruce Lee) incarnation, none of which have been reprinted!
Our next re-presentation will be the Silver Age Hornet and Kato's first foray against criminals, which we omitted from this presentation as explained HERE.
You'll see that in late May/early June!

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