Friday, May 28, 2021

Justice for Asians ALL-TRUE CRIME "Tong War!"

Non "big-name" Asians and Asian-Americans (like Fu Manchu)...
....were rarely featured in crime comics, the way the Italian Mafia, Irish Westies, or other ethnically-based criminal groups were!
Writer Carl Wessler and artist Jack Keller played on numerous, already outdated, racist cliches about Chinese in America in this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' All-True Crime #51 (1952), including speech patterns, clothing, and methods, indicating that the Tong members shown were immigrants, not native-born Asian-Americans!
Unfortunately, all the Chinese shown are given the bright lemon-yellow skin coloring common in comics of the era to denote Asians.
(Note: The non-Tong Chinese are shown in contemporary American clothing and speak impeccable English.)
BTW, though this is listed as issue #51, this is the first issue of this title.
Before this, the book was titled All-True Crime Cases Comics.
Shortening the title didn't help.
The book's run ended with the next issue!
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