Wednesday, August 10, 2016

JOHNNY DYNAMITE "Eye for an Eye!"

...but this cover should tip you off that a major change would occur in his second issue!
There's hard boiled...and there's HARD BOILED!
If there was any doubt Johnny Dynamite was the equal to Mike Hammer or any of the other private dicks of the era, this story wipes it out!
Co-creator/writer Ken Fitch worked in comics from the earliest days (National Allied Publications' [Later DC Comics] New Fun Comics in 1935) to the early 1960s at Dell Comics doing movie and TV adaptations!
Along the way, he co-created several characters besides Johnny Dynamite including DC's Tex Thompson: AmeriCommando, and HourMan!
Be here tomorrow for a one-of-a-kind text story starring Johnny Dynamite !
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