Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T-MAN The Twice-Told Tale of "Trouble's Double"!

We presented the original version of this tale HERE...
...and now we're going to show you how the Comics Code Authority altered this rather innocuous tale when it was reprinted in T-Man #31 (1956)!
The girl's dress is redrawn to eliminate what little cleavage was there, "Britain" is changed to the "Free World" and "Russia" to the more generic "Reds".
Pages 2 and 3 are unchanged from the original.
The girl's cleavage is eliminated and her bust is reduced in the second panel.
Pete's comment in the last panel is modified to eliminate how the lookalike apparently also interfered with his love-life!
Pete's dialogue in panel three is made less sexually-suggestive.
The assassins' knives are eliminated and dialogue changed in panel three.
The girl's cleavage is reduced (but not in the first two panels).
More cleavage reduction, and a change in the impostor's dialogue in panel three, eliminating his suggestion to hold a knife to the girl's throat.
Panel one is altered to have Pete bitch-slap the villain whereas the T-Man punched the criminal in the original.
More cleavage reduction, and the tops of stockings and slip originally shown in panel two are gone.
Pete's pot-shot at the villains in panel five has been made into him just pointing his gun at them.
Knives and cleavage eliminated.
Kogov's dialogue on panel six changed to eliminate his orders to kill the girl and Trask.
Panel one: the gun Pete has in his hand as he hits Kogov is removed.
Panel two: Pete's dialogue to Lorna to grab the gun he kicks out of the assassin's hand is removed.
Panel three: Lorna shooting the assassin with the gun she picked up and Pete complementing her are changed.
And the dialogue in the last panel is modified to be less suggestive.

Hope you enjoyed our detective work on this entry.

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