Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES "Deadly Inheritance" Conclusion

Holmes and Watson are called upon to participate in a seance which could reveal where a missing will can be found.
Traveling to Norfolk Castle, the skeptical duo join family members in the seance where a vital clue is revealed by the ghostly voice of the deceased Norfolk pater.
But the murder of one of the participants ends the session before more information can be gleaned...
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had been a noted skeptic about spiritualism and paramormal activity.
But the deaths of several family members including his younger brother, wife, and son in the early 1900s caused him to develop a near-obsession with the supernatural.
Though Doyle never incorporated supernatural elements into any Sherlock Holmes stories, the final novel of his other major character, Professor Challenger, entitled "The Land of Mist", was heavily-oriented towards the paranormal.

Art by Frank Giacoia, with several pages penciled by Mike Sekowsky, probably to help the very busy Giacoia meet the deadline.
The writer of these comic book stories, however, is unknown.
Sherlock Holmes will return in a few weeks...

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