Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Return with us to fog-bound London circa 1890...
...as The World's Greatest Detective (and his faithful biographer) once more solve the unsolvable in an original, never-reprinted tale!
"The morning" will dawn one week from today, Holmsians.

Unlike the Charlton comic we ran HERE, this book from Dell Comics was authorized by the Doyle estate, who approved all the material before publication.
No missing flaps on Sherlock's deerstalker, Dr Watson is front and center once more, and it's set in the gaslit 1890s!
BTW, The book's title was not "New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes #1", but Four Color #1169 (1961).
The strip's title was New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Four Color was an "umbrella" title, where Dell would try out concepts for one to three issues before giving them their own ongoing series...if sales warranted.
Regrettably, New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ended after only two issues.
Neither has ever been reprinted, but both will be re-presented in this blog over the next few months.

Art by Frank Giacoia, who illustrated a short-lived Sherlock Holmes newspaper comic strip several years earlier.
That newspaper strip was written by Edith Meiser, who had penned a number of Sherlock Holmes radio show scripts.
The writer of these comic book stories, however, is unknown.
Note: several pages were penciled by Mike Sekowsky, probably to help the very busy Giacoia meet the deadline.

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