Tuesday, January 24, 2012


No, not "Final Problem"
We already presented an adaptation of that tale HERE.
This never-reprinted story from Sherlock Holmes #1 (1955) is totally different, as you shall see...
This short-lived series (only two issues) had a number of interesting aspects.
1) It was set present-day, not in the Victorian era, and Holmes is touring through America, though it's never specified why.
2) Dr Watson does not appear in any of the tales.
Holmes interacts with various friends and police officials instead.
3) The artist doesn't know how to draw a deerstalker hat!
The ear flaps are missing throughout the series.

BTW, both the writer and artist(s) of these tales is unknown.
None of the stories is signed, and the art style seems to be a combination of the techniques of several different illustrators.

Join us next week for another tale of mystery..

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