Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yeah, Mother's Day was last Sunday, but we were in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes tale...
...but we'll make up for it now with this tale about the most evil mother of them all!
In the Days of the Mob #1 (1971) was a b/w "true crime" magazine, featuring dramatizations of real-life criminals' stories...as you've just seen.
Regrettably, it only ran one issue, though the complete second edition was prepared and ready to go when the ax fell.
The title was edited/written/illustrated by Jack Kirby, inked by Vince Colletta.
It's never been reprinted.

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  1. Thanks for running this story. I now have (I believe) 2 different comics versions of it (the other in print in one of Greg Theakston's COMPLETE JACK KIRBY books), and 3 of them on videotape. In addition to Roger Corman's BLOODY MAMA, there's also an episode of THE UNTOUCHABLES (with Robert Stack), and, if you really wanna push it, Shelly Winters' appearance on the 2nd season of BATMAN. (Hey, why not?)