Tuesday, March 27, 2012

THE SHADOW "Night of Neptune's Death" Conclusion

Unpublished cover for #5 by Michael Kaluta
It is late 1940-early 1941.
Professional terrorist General Sodom plotted to kill US ambassador Cyril Bench before the diplomat could broker a peace treaty and avoid the USA's entry into World War II.
To achieve this, Sodom hijacked the SS Neptune and threatened to kill all the passengers and crew unless Bench, traveling on the nearby SS Boxer, was turned over to him...
The Shadow survived...but so did Sodom!
He would return to battle DC's other pulp crimefighter, The Avenger!
But that is a story for another entry...

Many fans, used to Mike Kaluta's intricate illustrations, were surprised, and somewhat put-off, by Frank Robbins' art.
Ironic, since Robbins had been a comic strip (and book) writer/artist since his work on Scorchy Smith in 1939, and was one of a handful of Golden Age talents still producing quality work over 30 years later in the Bronze Age!

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