Tuesday, March 20, 2012

THE SHADOW "Night of Neptune's Death" Part 1

While The Shadow stories by Mike Kaluta have been reprinted several times...
..they are less than half of the 1970's DC Comics' 12-issue run!
The remaining seven issues, illustrated by other artists, have never been reprinted!
But, The Shadow's not about to let that happen...as we shall see...next week!
While Denny O'Neil, who wrote all of the Mike Kaluta-illustrated stories, continued his run, the meticulous (but slow) Kaluta ran into deadline problems with The Shadow #5 (1974).
Golden Age writer/artist Frank Robbins, who was also scripting (and occasionally illustrating) Batman stories in Detective Comics, stepped into the breach for the first of several Shadow stories.
This particular tale also introduced the only recurring villain in the DC Comics Bronze Age pulp universe, General Sodom, who next appeared in Justice, Inc #3 (1975), DC's other hero-pulp title, starring The Avenger!

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