Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There have been several attempts to depict lawyers in comic books...
...such as this short-lived series about Legal Aid lawyers!
Defending the accused in comics isn't as glamorous as prosecuting them.
Even the great Perry Mason only lasted two issues in the 1960s!
And, while prosecutor Mr District Attorney had a long run on radio and tv, his across-the-aisle counterpart, Roger Kilgore: Public Defender had only one season of radio episodes in 1948.
Nonetheless, Charlton Comics, seeing the success of a Mr District Attorney comic book, decided in 1956 to try their own version of the Legal Aid lawyer concept.
However, they didn't want to pay for a new 2nd-Class postage license required for a new magazine, so they took existing comic book Police Trap and changed it to Public Defender in Action as of #7, so PDiA's first issue is #7!
The series details the work of pipe-smoking Richard Manning as he defends those who cannot afford a lawyer, and who, most probably, are innocent!
In a couple of weeks, we'll present a story from his counterpart, Mr District Attorney!
Boy, what a team-up comic book that'd be... 
Legal Eagles 
featuring Mr District Attorney vs Public Defender in Action!

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