Tuesday, September 26, 2017

THE SPIRIT "Vietnam '50"

Before America took a direct hand...
...Vietnam was, to pop culture fans, just another exotic locale for high adventure!
Written by Will Eisner (with Jules Feiffer assisting), penciled and inked by Eisner and his studio, this tale published in November 5, 1950 Sunday newspapers uses the then-current Indo-China War as the nominal location for a story about a criminal who tries to evade justice, only to be done in by his own avarice!
Eisner would revisit the locale decades later in the Dark Horse graphic novel Last Day in Vietnam.(2000)
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(which contains the tale re-presented here!)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

IT RHYMES WITH LUST "Chapter 4: Indecision"

Newspaperman Hal Weber discovers his lover and secret employer Rust Masson doesn't like it when her own stepdaughter attempts to lure Hal away from her...
To Be Continued...Tomorrow...
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Friday, July 14, 2017

IT RHYMES WITH LUST "Chapter 2: Caught in the Web"

Newspaperman Hal Weber takes over Copper City's "The Express", ostensibly a legit news-source, but secretly the PR tool of Rust Masson, Weber's former lover and head of a criminal cartel that controls the town's government and underworld!
But meeting Audrey Masson, Rust's lovely, innocent step-daughter, makes Hal reconsider his mercenary task...
To Be Continued...MONDAY
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