Friday, March 8, 2013

Tell a Tale of Terror TWICE! #2 THIS IS SUSPENSE "Short Step to Oblivion"

We saw this tale of terror and justice uncut in Part 1... our "brother" blog Seduction of the Innocent™!
Now let's see how it looked after the Comics Code Authority took their censoring scissors to the reprinted version...
The knife, seen in panels 5-7 on the original page HERE, is now missing!
The knife in panels 3 and 5 HERE is missing in the reprint page!
Despite being removed from the previous pages, the knife is shown to be the murder weapon!
But how did the knife get there if it was deleted from the earlier pages?
Ruth's word balloon in the last panel is rewritten to eliminate reference to the knife shown HERE on the original page!
Why is Ruth screaming? It's not like there's a dead body, like there was in the original page HERE!
Why did the villain fall to his death?
Maybe it's the fact that Holiday shot him in the original version of the first panel HERE!
This Comics Code Authority-eviscerated reprint appeared in Charlton's This is Suspense # 24 (1955).
The writer is unknown and the illustrator is George Evans.
A comic with no more violence or blood than a TV cop show of the period is gutted by the CCA to Protect the Morals of the Youth of America.
Take a good look at your parents.
Did it work?

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