Friday, January 18, 2013

SPACE DETECTIVE "Opium Smugglers of Venus"

Art by Joe Orlando and Wally Wood
When Man finally reaches deep space, it's a sure bet that criminal activity will follow.
That's the premise of this 1950s series that combined gumshoes and ray guns.
You can read a background dossier about the character HERE and see the first part of this three-part story HERE.
One you've done that, continue with the second part (originally titled "Ballet of the Living Dead") entitled...
The series opener from Avon's Space Detective #1 (1951) was written by Walter Gibson, the primary writer of The Shadow pulp novel series under the name "Maxwell Grant", and illustrated by Joe Orlando and Wally Wood.
The Space Detective story concludes tomorrow at our "brother" blog, Atomic Kommie Comics™.

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