Thursday, July 26, 2012

SHERLOCK HOLMES "Hound of the Baskervilles" Part 4

Art by H Kiefer. The hand and "Rache" are from "A Study in Scarlet" which was in the original Classics Comics edition, but not included in the Classics Illustrated reprint!
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are hired to investigate mysterious doings at Baskerville Hall, including sightings of a huge lethal dog!
While Holmes remains in London, Watson journeys to the ancestral home of the Baskervilles, encountering a number of colorful residents, some of whom hide sinister secrets.
While trailing a young man carrying food to a supposedly-abandoned nearby house, Watson discovers its' hidden resident...Sherlock Holmes!
Will Sir Henry out-race the Hound?
Will the murderer be revealed?
Will Holmes and Watson survive to return to Baker Street?
The illustrators for this tense tale from Classics Illustrated #33 (1948) are veterans Louis Zansky (pencils) and Fred Eng (inks).
The adaptation's scripter is unknown.

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