Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CHARLIE CHAN "Hit and Run Murder Case"

Remember, despite stereotypes, Inspector Chan is always the smartest man in the room...
...as this 1948 tale from the first issue of his Golden Age run demonstrates!
Charlie Chan was already a multi-media success with six novels, a radio show, an ongoing b-movie series, and a newspaper comic strip (which was reprinted in comic books), when this series of all-new comic book stories debuted in 1948.
Produced by the Simon & Kirby comic studio for Prize Comics, the book ran for five issues before Prize cancelled most of their titles and sold off the unpublished material to Charlton Comics, where Charlie Chan ran for another four issues.
While the newspaper strip based it's portrayals on the movie actors' likenesses, the Prize comic book took it's cues from the radio series and used the show's descriptions of Chan and his sons for their renderings.
The plots were original tales, not based on either the novels or radio show scripts.
This particular story was penciled and inked by Carmine Infantino, who later revamped Batman from the gimmicky sci-fi/fantasy strip it had become in the late 1950s back to a costumed detective series.

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