Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before Virgil Tibbs!
Before John Shaft!
Before Easy Rawlins!
There was..Ace Harlem...
...one of the characters in All-Negro Comics (1947), the first comic book by a Black publisher, written and illustrated by Black creators and featuring Black characters.
A complete issue is unavailable on the Net since every copy I've seen is "slabbed", but an incomplete version of the book is available on-line from several sources.
The pages below are all that is currently extant of the Ace Harlem story...
The publisher, Orrin C. Evans, wrote in his editorial...
Through Ace Harlem, we hope dramatically to point up the outstanding contributions of thousands of fearless, intelligent Negro police officers engaged in a constant fight against crime throughout the United States.
A second issue was written and illustrated, but never published.

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