Tuesday, January 10, 2012

THE BATMAN & THE SHADOW "Night of the Shadow" Part 1

Here's another classic crossover story that will never be reprinted...
...because after it was published in Batman #259 (1974), DC lost the rights to The Shadow!
We (and Bruce Wayne / Batman) will find out next week!
This was the second (and final) crossover between The Batman and The Shadow.
Shortly after this tale, DC Comics lost the rights to The Shadow, which they had licensed from Conde Nast.
DC would regain the rights in the 1980s, along with Doc Savage (whom Marvel licensed at the same time DC licensed The Shadow and The Avenger in the 1970s), resulting in the first Shadow/Doc Savage team-up. (The two had appeared together in a Supersnipe story in the 1940s, but not as a team.)
Like the previous Batman / Shadow tale, this story has never been reprinted in any hardcover or trade paperback, nor will it.
So, unless you already have a copy, or can scrounge one up from the back issue boxes, this is the only time you'll see it.
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