Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SHERLOCK HOLMES "Adventure of the Empty House"

When Last We Left our Heroes...
Sherlock Holmes is DEAD!
And faithful Dr Watson soldiers on as best he can, assisting the police whenever possible...
Much more adventure and excitement awaited the duo!
From The Return of Sherlock Holmes to His Final Bow, the Greatest Detective of All and his best friend continued to solve crimes that baffled even Scotland Yard.
There are those who say his adventures continued even after that, 
but it's only speculation and half-hidden truths...

In the mid-1970s both Marvel and DC Comics launched Sherlock Holmes titles in the hopes of doing ongoing series.
Though this was the only issue of this book from DC, this particular version of Sherlock has made several appearances throughout the DC Universe since...
The Joker #6 (1976)
Detective Comics #572 (1987)
The assembled comic detectives meet the original! (Detective #572)
Join us next week for another tale of mystery..

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